Disarming Persuasion – Dani joins legendary California duo Darren & Dave


What is “selling” in 2021 and how do you connect with your audience – What does it mean to have a brand voice right now and what are you saying with it? What does disarming persuasion mean to you?

If you are a business leader who is frustrated with getting the most out of your team or a sales professional who wants to maximize their influence on others and in the California area, you will no doubt be aware of Darren and Dave and their insightful podcast: Disarming Persuasion. This month they invited Creative Director of D&DD Dani McFerran to talk about branding and strategy and the concept of selling in this age where integrity is everything.

In each episode, they discuss the tactics and strategies of influence. Sales expert Darren Cecil and leadership expert Dave Rosenberg reveal how to disarm your prospects and your team and ensure that the people that matter are more open to your message.

You can have a listen here: