• 2019
  • Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Copy Writing, Social Media

Unapologetic, inconvenient, and about F* time! Working with trail-blazers Virgina and Chris on this hugely important and timely endeavour, they approached Done and Design Design to create an iconic brand for an iconic movement: Feminism, whereby they intended to create an online shop advocating for all things F-related, even the exploration of what feminism means today.


We went straight into research mode, looking at past movements and the revolutionary Futura typeface used in many placards and poster art. We set about creating a manifesto, which began as a list of what Virginia and Chris felt feminism was not – this was a lot easier than writing out what it is! This process helped inform the copy, naratives and even merch slogans, each allowing the individualism of the movement be expressed by where the customer felt comfortable on that scale.


We created the strong F in the Pantone 2018, at the time Pantone’s “Colour of the Year” in support of women: “The colour represents their originality, inventiveness, forward-thinking and non-conformity.” Using this colour palette across the online shop, we managed to create an informative, inclusive community-driven site that allowed for conversation, debate and the sharing of customer’s own stories and artwork that fast took off – helping to propell Virginia to the exciting speaker platform she enjoys today.


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